15 Steps for Manufacturing Success

As you know I’ve worked in a manufacturing environment and also had been implementing manufacturing systems for years.

I’ve read articles that featured best practices some of them can be applied to practice right away as others confirmed the effectiveness but some needs more research and confirmation from others. As a project manager we always try to assess the risk involved in implementing these practices and there’s no perfect path.

One article that caught my eye a few years ago and I’ve kept this article in my file was from National Association of Manufacturers – 15 Steps for Manufacturing Success. It’s very basic, broad and can applied to other industry. Here’s a summary:

1.  Stay in touch with customers
2.  Differentiate products and services to better define and develop competitive advantage
3.  Devote time to marketing, develop a distinctive strategy
4.  Go global, develop export markets
5.  Ensure that your activity-based costing sytem is helping your company contain cost increases
6.  Look for long-term relationship with a banker who understands your business
7.  Invest at least 3 percent of payroll in employee training
8.  Explore how experts in partnership center can help
9.  Appoint a majority of outsiders with relevant experience on your board
10.  Develop a plan for management succession
11.  Monitor your company’s viability and competitiveness
12.  Weight both quantitative and qualitative factors in making capital investment decisions
13.  Constantly look at opportunities to delegate or empower your employees
14. Speak out to government representatives
15. Stay abreast of legislative, regulatory, and policy developments


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