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Sun acquired by Oracle

With the latest Oracle acquisition (although pending) will have a bigger impact than when the company bought PeopleSoft or Siebel.

Just look at the database arena, who are the major players – Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.  The second-tier would be Teradata, Sun and Sybase.  What will happen if this acquisition materialize? The big answer is nothing, I guess Oracle’s market share will grow but that’s their only benefit from this acquisition. Sun’s products have mature audience just like PeopleSoft and customers don’t like being migrated after investing thousands. The bigger issue is the learning curve, nobody wants to learn a new product if the old one was capable. Just like the saying goes, don’t fix something that’s not broken! If Oracle see this as the best opportunity to provide their customers with free tools to extend their current investment in Oracle products then it is a good acquisition.


PPS Planning Discontinued by April 1,2009

A couple of emails I’ve received and feedback I’ve seen from different forums are not consistent with the announcement Microsoft gave last Friday and I want to clarify this.

The PerformancePoint Server 2007 is rebranded as PerformancePoint Services and will still be offered in the market as part of MOSS Enterprise. There are 3 components of the PPS server: Planning, Analytics and Monitoring (PAM). Of this 3 only Planning is discontinued while Analytics and Monitoring will be called PerformancePoint Services like Excel Services, Forms Services and Visio Services in the Sharepoint platform.

BI according to Microsoft

The Microsoft BI team presented the new BI stack to the New York Business Intelligence New York Meetup group yesterday.  The first part of the presentation was the product demonstration then an open discussion on the product functionalities which got too detailed. A comparison of Excel 2007 and Proclarity was also in the table but was cut short because it was out of content.  It was refreshing to see ProClarity working in harmony with PerformancePoint Server and MOSS.

To get more info about Microsoft BI click here. To join the New York Business Intelligence Meetup click here.