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Another ERP Failure worth millions

Here’s a summary:

Marin County voted to stop an ongoing SAP project, implicitly accepting that it wasted over $30 million on software and related implementation services from Deloitte Consulting.

At this stage, staff is recommending that we look at other system options and recommend the following approach:

  1. An incremental, phased approach to the replacement of SAP, rather than the “big bang” approach that was intentionally followed in the SAP implementation, as was advised by the outside consultants;
  2. IST involvement up front to guide the steering committee of employees from key departments in recommending a system and leading its implementation;
  3. Less reliance on outside consultants and more on County staff, who have a greater, vested interest in the outcome and success of the implementation; and
  4. Routine communication with employees, the public and Board of Supervisors in the form of regular status reports and meetings, including meetings with an oversight subcommittee of the Board for the project.
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Thomson’s TaxStream

Implemented Thomson’s TaxStream Enterprise today.  We chose this over the hosted service because we needed to do some integration and create custom reporting. One of the contributing factors to selecting Enterprise was the SQL version availability but to our disapointment there were missing functionalities in this version so in the end we went with the Oracle version.